Impressive Swirl Necklace


Firstly the Vegetable Ivory Swirl Necklace starts with an acai seed. This is surrounded by a pair of loops. A small and larger loop of tagua seed surround the acai seed in a repeating pattern. So with 5 acai seeds and double loops at the centre of the necklace. The final acai seed on either side has a single loop surrounding the seed.

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Swirl Necklace

This original piece of Alpaca Links vegetable ivory loops necklace jewellery has been handmade using natural materials. Our vegetable ivory Swirl necklace is in the very popular multi- colour version. As well as a beautiful range of other bright and powerful colour variations.

This is a simply yet striking necklace so when you wear it you will receive the admiration both it and you deserve. Beautifully hand carved loops of vegetable ivory are repeated to give it the swirl pattern. Ideal for spring/summer season, so wear it with a t-shirt and jeans!

Each piece is completely unique and individual. Furthermore variations of colour may vary in tone from the picture. So as each necklace have characteristics of an exclusive one of a kind item. We are loyal to our love for the playful approach to traditional carving on natural and organic materials.

The Tagua Nut or Vegetable Ivory:

The Tagua nut is the endosperm of a seed that come from the palm species Phytelephas aequatorialis. The palm tree that produces the Tagua Nut grows naturally in the rain forests of South America. So it is a sustainable and renewable resource. Above all, it is a valuable resource for native people to the amazon. Who collect to use and trade with the fruits of natural forest bounty. We know Tagua as “vegetable ivory” for it’s similarities to animal ivory texture, colour, and ageing processes.

Care of your Tagua Jewellery

Avoid applying perfume onto Tagua as this could  cause colour to fade.

Our Tagua products are made from seeds/nuts found within the pods of the Ivory Nut Palm. People know tagua as the “ivory of the rainforest”. Or “vegetable ivory” due to its exceptional carvability. An since it serves as a viable alternative to animal ivory, thus protecting those animals. Tagua is the only natural and 100% sustainable alternative for animal ivory. Its use is protecting species in danger and the world’s precious forests. Certainly Tagua products help preserve tropical rainforests by providing a sustainable income for forest gathers

Loops Necklace

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Tagua Jewelry Process Video – Vegetable Ivory

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