Stunning Three Flower Necklace


Three flower necklace

Beautiful three flower necklace made of Tagua seeds from the amazon. This necklace is adjustable very light to wear and comes in a selection of bright colours. The necklace has a slip knot holding together the cord allowing the necklace to be worn tight to the neck and throat as a choker necklace. More commonly it will be worn like you can see modelled in the product image.

Care of your Tagua Jewellery

Avoid applying perfume onto Tagua as this could  cause colour to fade.

Our Tagua products are made from seeds/nuts found within the pods of the Ivory Nut Palm. People know tagua as the “ivory of the rainforest”. Or “vegetable ivory” due to its exceptional carvability. An since it serves as a viable alternative to animal ivory, thus protecting those animals. So Tagua is the only natural and 100% sustainable alternative for animal ivory. Its use is protecting species in danger and the world’s precious forests. Certainly Tagua products help preserve tropical rainforests by providing a sustainable income for forest gathers

Tagua Jewelry Process Video – Vegetable Ivory

Product material description


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