Marina Cape


  • Large array of beautiful colours
  • Machine washable on wool wash cycle
  • Buttons at the side can be unfastened to make the cape into a poncho

Stylish batwing sleeves and buttoned up front cape. Comes in a spectrum of beautiful colours from bright & cheery to neutrals and traditional. All our Marina collection products are very practical. As they are machine washable on a wool wash due to its consistence of Alpaca- Wool blend with Acyrillic.

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Marina Cape

Our Marina Capes are ones size and fits sizes from UK 8 to uk 16 . Lenght 85 cm Marina cape is part of the marina collection products. Which are very practical as they are machine washable on a standard wash cycle. Due to the consistence of the fabric used in the collection- Alpaca 15% , -Wool 5% ,-Acyrillic 80%. The Products from the marina collection each are made of yarn from Itessa a Peruvian company.


Have more than fifty years of experience in the textile industry. Specifically in the use of alpaca and cotton fibers. Trying always to satisfy the customer’s needs with the most modern technology.

Alpaca is one of the most important materials used by ITESSA in its product line. Alpaca’s natural fiber is one of the most valued around the world because of its unique characteristics. Which are perfect for the textile industry. It is softer, brighter and more delicate than other fibers. Comes in 22 different natural colors. The best alpaca fibers are found in the Andes Mountains. At more than 13’000 feet above the sea level. Peru is the world leading Alpaca fiber producer. With more than 85% of the world production. Alpacas feed on Icchu, which is the natural grass that grows in the Andean area. Itessa Marina Cardigan


Cream, Green, Blue, Grey


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