Miracle Pom pom – Detachable and from Alpaca fur


The BRAND-NEW range of exchangeable natural and dyed coloured Alpaca pompoms by Alpaca Links!

Available in 5 natural colours, plus pink or blue.

Each pompom is attached with a magnetic press stud to enable you to easily swap between colours!

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When you would like to attach a pom pom to a hat. Simply add a metal connector to the hat of your choice. Securely attach the metal connector to any of our alpaca Links hat models. The connectors are able to be added to any knitted, crocheted or woven hats.

Simply place the connector into the position on the hat in which you wise it to be. Two small metal lugs on the underside of the connector will go through at your chosen position to the inside of the hat. Then place the thin round metal plate with two spaces for the lugs inside the hat and over the two lugs that are coming through the hat.

Once the metal plate is placed over the lugs, the lugs can be bent at 90 degrees. This means they are now lying flat and the connector has been fastened securely into place. Now you are able to press it together with the pom pom of your choice!

All the pom poms have the same magnetic press stud system so you can easily swap between colours. If needed you may hand wash the pom pom’s but if they become extremely dirty they can be placed inside a thick sock and washed on a 30 degree cycle in your machine.

Pom Pom

Alpaca Links– only supply detachable Alpaca fur pom pom’s that come from baby alpacas which have unfortunately died through natural causes in Peru. Indigenous farmers have local artisans create the Alpaca fur pom pom’s. As well as other fur products from their Alpaca pelts. So we feel that alpaca fur when sourced in this way, is an ethical fur product. This is because the farmer gets a monetary compensation for the loss of income cause by the death of one of the herd.

NOTE: Alpacas are not killed for their fur.

Care of fur

For all our fur items, we recommend that you use a wire pet brush to restore the fur. Avoid wearing perfume or hairspray if this might come into direct contact with your fur. As the alcohol/chemicals content can dry out the leather skin. Oils may also penetrate the fur and turn rancid.

For more serious cleaning or for when liquids have been spilt on the fur, cover the stain with talcum powder and gently but deeply rub in. Leave for an hour or two then brush away the excess. This will lift residues and dirt from the shaft and restore the fluffiness of the fur.




Black, White, Grey, Beige, Brown, Pink, Blue, Green, Red


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