Heartwarming Alpaca Socks


  • Large array of beautiful colours
  • Machine washable on wool wash cycle
  • Buttons at the side can be unfastened to make the cape into a poncho

Stylish batwing sleeves and buttoned up front cape. Comes in a spectrum of beautiful colours from bright & cheery to neutrals and traditional. All our Marina collection products are very practical. As they are machine washable on a wool wash due to its consistence of Alpaca- Wool blend with Acyrillic.

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Alpaca Socks

We design our Alpaca Socks for everyday wear in shoes or boots. Super-soft, comfortable and lightweight, they are available in a range of sizes and colours. Alpaca fibre is hard-wearing and provides excellent insulation and greatly breathable properties. Ensuring your feet remain dry and warm. We highly recommend our Alpaca links socks for sufferers of conditions such as chilblains, arthritis, diabetics or simply bad circulation -it will amaze you at the difference it makes.

Alpaca fibre is unusual in that it resists odours and moisture, and therefore our socks do not need washing after every wear making them a sustainable and environmentally friendly option. So the composition means that they are very hard wearing and long lasting.

Machine wash on low temperature, low/no spin speed, 30 degree cycle.

Alpaca Slippers


Black, Brown, Navy, Beige, Medium Grey, Light Grey, Spotty multicolour, Dark Grey, Burgundy


Small (36-38), Medium (39-41), Large (42-44), Extra Large(45-47)


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