Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat- Ethically sourced handmade Sustainable Luxury .


  • Pure Alpaca fur
  • Authentic & handmade in Peru
  • 10 beautiful colours
  • stronger than mohair
  • more sustainable than cashmere
  • smoother than silk
  • warmer than goose-down

Alpaca Fur Hat- Discover Elegance:

Indulge in sophistication with our Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat. As the favored choice of the Duchess of Cambridge, this exquisite accessory boasts a deep, soft brim and a clipped fur crown. Available in two sizes for a perfect fit. Its glamorous and flattering design makes it ideal for winter weddings, race meetings, or casual strolls with your furry friend.

Handmade in Peru by skilled craftswomen, each hat is a masterpiece of silky softness and feather-light warmth. Moreover, the Alpaca fur used is not only strong and durable but also finer than cashmere, smoother than silk, and warmer than goose-down. Ensuring unparalleled luxury and comfort for discerning fashion enthusiasts.

Timeless Luxury:

Our Alpaca Fur Hat transcends seasons, standing as a timeless classic. Rest assured, the baby fur is ethically sourced from natural herd losses caused by harsh temperatures. In our commitment to alpaca welfare, no harm is inflicted for the sake of fashion, reflecting our values of compassion and responsibility.

Available in two sizes, with diameters ranging from 56-60cm, our hats cater to your comfort and style. Whether opting for the Small/Medium size fitting 56-58cm or the Medium/Large size accommodating 58-60cm, our diverse range ensures a personalized and chic fashion statement.

In the process of obtaining alpaca fur, no animals are harmed.It is derived solely from natural deaths. As staunch advocates for alpaca welfare, we adhere to ethical practices. Supplying fur only from animals that have passed away naturally, further emphasizing our commitment to sustainability.

Alpaca Fur Hat- Care Tips:

To maintain the pristine condition of your fur, Use a wire pet brush to restore its fluffiness. Additionally, exercise caution with perfume or hairspray, as the chemicals can dry out the leather skin. For deeper cleaning, gently rub talcum powder on stains. Allowing it to sit for an hour, and then brush away excess to seamlessly restore the fur’s softness.

All our Alpaca fur hats hail from the same factory in Sicuani, Peru, as Lacorine. The distinguished brand favored by the Duchess of Cambridge. Elevate your style with the same sophistication and grace as royalty, embracing the allure of our ethically sourced Alpaca Fur Hat collection.

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