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Authentic Peruvian designed Jewellery which is handmade. We make it from natural Amazonian nuts and seeds. We make Alpaca Links Jewellery from seeds/nuts that you find within the pods of the ivory nut palm. The seeds are called Tagua. You also know the seeds as ”ivory of the rain-forest” or ”vegetable ivory”. Due to it exceptional carvability and since it serve’s as a viable alternative to animal ivory. Tagua is the only natural and 100% sustainable alternative for animal ivory. Therefore it’s use is protecting species in danger. As well as the world’s precious forests. In conclusion Tagua products help to preserve tropical rain-forests. By providing a sustainable income for the native population. Who live off the land and are forest gatherers.


We offer sustainable and eco-friendly products to bring social and economic wealth to all of our artisans and their families.

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