Author: Gary Gilbert

Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat

Luxury Alpaca Fur Hat Meri Georgia Gender Female Age 65 or over 1st Time Customer: No Occupation: Retired Height: 5’7″ – 5’8″ Body Type: Long and Lean As worn by the Duchess of Cambridge Our Alpaca Fur Luxury Hat has a deep soft, fluffy brim a clipped fur crown and come in two sizes. They are incredibly glamorous and flattering. So light […]

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Alpacas and Llamas History

Alpacas and Llamas History The history of the alpaca shows they originate from South America. They are bred from the wild Vicuna which is now a rare and protected species. The llama is bred from the wild Guanaco, which is still relatively common throughout South America. They are both in the camelid family, which also […]

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