Welcome to our Alpaca Links online shop

How the story started

Our project is a result of our love for art and culture. As we traveled back and forth between Scotland and Peru, over a period of several years. We discovered a lively current of new and creative Peruvian designers producing wonderful things.

So we decided to bring handmade articles from South America to Scotland. To add to Scotland, some of Peru’s vibrant latin colour and flair.

All our jewellery is made in Peru from natural seeds from the Amazon rainforest. Our garments and accessories are made with Alpaca wool, which is considered a luxury fibre with unique properties. It is eight times warmer and lighter than sheep’s wool. Its quality surpasses that of the Kashmir. The fibre comes in over 20 natural colours and an infinite series of colours, that can be produced by mixing these fibres.

Stall to Shop to Online

So over the past few years we have gone from market trading to shows & events. From there, we trialed a shop, in St Andrews town centre. Finally, when the option presented itself, we opened a long term shop  at 22 Bell Street, St.Andrews. Through out this whole process, from customer feedback and comments we import Scottish Alpaca Fur Favourites. So now our shop provides a range of alpaca clothing, alpaca accessories and tague jewellery, also known as vegetable ivory jewellery.

 The alpaca clothing and accessories include- alpaca capes, alpaca cardigans. alpaca jackets, alpaca hats and alpaca scarves. As well as these we provide alpaca fur items which include alpaca fur slippers, alpaca fur hats, alpaca fur scarves and alpaca fur teddies. The tague jewellery that we provide has been with us from the very start at the market stalls and sales tables we did . We have tague necklaces, tague bracelets and tague earrings that are constantly being updated season after season with fresh and exciting designs.

​Enjoy your Browse

On this site you’ll find information about us and the products that we supply. If you have been into our shop and can’t find an item in which you saw in store. Just because you can’t find it on our web page doesn’t mean it isn’t available. If you have an issue you can either drop us an e-mail at [email protected] or phone directly to the shop floor at +44 1334 769680 and speak with us in store.  Whether you are looking for a unique gift or a one-of-a-kind accessory, we are here to help!

For updates, new arrivals and special sales follow us on Facebook! (www.facebook.com/alpacalinks)​